Beginners and Advanced Airbrush Classes – 2020 Custom Painting Classes

In these Beginners and Advanced Airbrush Classes you will learn not only “how to Airbrush” and “Custom Paint”, but also how to do so much more than that.

Beginners and Advanced Airbrush Classes

January & February 2020 Airbrush Classes & Information

Beginners (basics) Classes – Advanced Classes

  • January 27th, 28th, and 29th are full. Jan 30th & 31st  are still open – 9am to 1pm | 1pm to 5pm. (Classes will be 4 hours per day x 2 days for a total of 8 hours).
  • February 3rd thru 7th, 11th & 12th, 18th & 19th, 24th thru 27th, 9am to 1pm | 1pm to 5pm. (Classes will be 4 hours per day x 2 days for a total of 8 hours).

IMPORTANT: Pick the dates above and times that work best for you and call me ASAP. Calling me is the fastest and most guaranteed way to get on this Airbrush and Custom Painting Class list

You will learn how to do the following:

  • Woodgrain
  • Real Fire (Realistic Flames)
  • Skulls
  • Chrome
  • Traditional Flames
  • Bubble fire and figures
  • Tore open effects
  • Water drops
  • Marbleizing
  • Paint fading
  • Metal look, rivets, screws, nails
  • Snake skin
  • Pin Striping
  • How to paint colored chrome (like motorcycle in picture below)
  • The actual colors and paint codes used for realistic fire and other projects
  • How to get big discounts on your paint and materials
  • How to make your own templates and stencils

I will also give you my secret formula for the “Realistic Fire” as far as colors, paint numbers, paint brands, and our suppliers.

See the pictures below of just a few award winning projects I’ve done, and you can learn how to Airbrush and Custom Paint just like this in these classes. You will also have full access to me after the classes if you get stuck on a project and need some help.

Many of my students call me frequently for some help, send me pictures by text and ask for help that way too. Either way, I am here to help you!

How to airbrushBeginners and Advanced Airbrush ClassesHow to airbrush

You will learn how to do award winning paint jobs and so much more in these 2020 Airbrush and Custom Painting classes.

I have students that use these classes to better their taxidermy business, others for making fishing lures, some are just wanting to learn how to Airbrush without the huge learning curve of doing it on their own…or trying to. Most of my students are wanting to start their own business and make money as fast as possible.

Group Classes or Private Classes?

Contact me if you prefer group classes, or if you would rather do private 1 on 1 classes. Either is fine with me! I have many students that prefer private classes. They feel more comfortable and feel like they get more out of the classes.


  1. Clean your Airbrush, other paint guns and equipment properly
  2. How to use stencils and not make your work look like a stencil has been used
  3. How to make your own stencils and other shields
  4. Preventing starting over from mistakes…and how to turn your mistakes into something great
  5. Earn income using your talents
  6. Building your own website/blog
  7. Tools needed for building your online presence
  8. Paint codes for different combinations used
  9. Where to purchase your paint and materials at discounts
  10. FREE lifetime access to my online training website with “step by step” videos and much more.

**Anyone that attends these Advanced Airbrush Classes will receive a free Lifetime pass to my Airbrush training membership website <<. This training website offers you step by step videos at no extra charge.


  • Beginners Classes – $150 per person
  • Advanced Classes – $450 per person (less $100 discount if you’ve taken the beginners class)

Let me know what your goal is and what you are wanting to accomplish, and I will help you accomplish it and reach your 2020 goal. Check out these pictures of our classes <<

Call Me and get booked up for these limited classes!

-Mike Pilcher – MPE LLC



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