Free Airbrush Classes – Custom Painting Class…

For the remainder of February 2020 I am offering free airbrush classes (basic beginners class) to anyone that brings, or refers someone else to the classes. In other words, you will get your basic beginners airbrush class for free by bringing or referring someone else (a paid student) to my classes.

This is a $150 limited offer!

Free Airbrush Classes

More than likely this offer will expire very soon due to filling up what spots I have left for this month (February 2020). Don’t procrastinate to long! Lol…

Below is all I have left open for this year. Yes, February is your last chance this year to get free airbrush classes! I seldom offer this, but I’ve decided to give you a chance…if you want it.

  • February, 3rd thru 7th, 11th & 12th?, 18th & 19th, 24th thru 27th?, 9am to 1pm | 1pm to 5pm. (Classes will be 4 hours per day x 2 days for a total of 8 hours).

IMPORTANT: Pick the dates above and times that work best for you and call me ASAP. Calling me is the fastest and most guaranteed way to get on this Airbrush and Custom Painting Class list. There will NOT be anymore classes this year after these dates pass, so if you want in, now is your chance! Take action and call me now!!


  • Beginners Classes – $150 per person
  • Advanced Classes – $450 per person (less $100 discount if you’ve taken the beginners class)

Call, text, email, or comment below if you want in. Time and space is running out, so get in while the gettin is good.

Talk soon,

-Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher



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