Some polishing and install of newly painted parts – Custom Painting in Smithville MO

Some polishing and install of the newly painted and airbrushed parts and it’s done…once detailed. Check out some of the pictures below.

Its always a lot of fun creating something new and different and especially fun to see the owners eyes and reactions for the first time of seeing the new and fresh design that you have created.

Some polishing and install secrets:

  • Wet sand your clearcoat with 1000 grit with wet soapy water.
  • Go ever the 1000 grit sanding with 2000 grit before buffing.
  • Make sure and use clean, warm soapy water to keep from getting particles in your sand paper and creating deep scratches that might not buff out.
  • Use a good quality buffing compound and use wool pad.
  • Then use waffle (black) pad with a good swirl remover (3m finish polish).
  • Wash and clean to remove any polish and compound residues.
  • Install parts carefully unless they are already on.

Even if the parts turn out clean and nice finish, I still like to wet sand and polish to give that nicer, deeper, show finish. This makes your work look even nicer and ultimately brings you more work.

Some polishing and install techniques (tricks) will short cut the process and improve overall appearance. You will develop little shortcuts and tricks along the way by doing several projects, and as you do, it becomes something as automatic as sleep.

Remember to check in with us for all of your custom painting and airbrushing needs in Smithville MO, the Kansas City area, as well as all other surrounding areas. We have been in business for over 25 years doing collision repair as well as custom painting and airbrushing and have been featured in numerous magazines and have had lots of top show winners as well as World of Wheels winners.

Some polishing and install

Some polishing and install

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