Airbrush Classes Are Underway – How To Airbrush

Our Airbrush Classes are underway and the skulls are taking shape. And no, we are not just doing skulls. Lol 😂 Airbrush Classes Are Underway Check out some of the pictures below… Airbrushing skulls really is a lot of fun and one of the easiest things to perfect. In these … Continue reading

Kansas City Royals Slugger Sign

Kansas City Royals

This week was a week of working on the slugger sign for the Kansas City Royals. This was a much different project than normal, but also very fun and different for a change. The Kansas City Royals gave me a call a few weeks ago about doing this sign pictured … Continue reading

Patriotic Eagle Mural On 2015 Harley Davidson Free Wheeler…)

This patriotic eagle mural I’m sharing in this blog post is a cool looking piece as you will see below… I wanted to share from the beginning to the end pictures of this 2015 Harley Davidson Fairing I just finished today and returned to Nita…the proud owner. This Harley is … Continue reading

Trick Ski Customizing

Trick Ski Customizing

Trick Ski Customizing is something that you don’t do everyday. Different, but cool.      Here are some recent photos of a trick ski that I am doing for a young lady. Doing some custom airbrush work in her favorite color…”purple”. This Trick Ski Customizing is pretty sweet! Enjoy, -Mike . … Continue reading

Quick tips for keeping your airbrush working properly…

Here are just a few quick tips for keeping your airbrush working properly. Before using your airbrush, it is always a good idea to have some needle lube, or a drop of sewing machine oil for the needle where it slides in and out of the o-ring area of the … Continue reading