Right below here you will see a Harley Fairing I just finished up today. This fairing turned out so nice and clean all I did after clearcoating the last time was wet sand lightly using dish soap and warm water with 2000 grit sand paper, then buffed it to this shine…

This fairing is for a 2015 Harley Free Wheeler.

The pictures below here are of a Harley Tri Glide that was originally all black. There are more pictures of the actual steps of the paint and airbrush process on the page marked “Blog” on the site.  
The 2013 Harley Davidson pictures right below here are a chrome paint job that I am doing right now (May 19th 2014) and then below the chrome paint pictures you will see where I have then applied the red candy over the chrome to achieve a mirror reflection/chrome look.

This is NOT some dipping that many people do, or some cheap wrap. This is actually a many step paint system that we use to achieve the chrome look. In this case we done a colored chrome. I also have a multiple step video series that is step by step “HOW TO” do this chrome, and also colored chrome and make it not only look right, but also last just like any other paint job. I also reveal the type of paint, the paint numbers (codes) and the exact order they go in to achieve the right look. Click here <<to get this video series as well as many more instructional videos.
IMG_2171 IMG_2169 IMG_2175 IMG_2174 IMG_2173IMG_2213 IMG_2212


Above is the 2013 Harley Red Chrome paint job that I done, and I have also added a section on my airbrush/custom painting website with step by step details, the “how to”, step by step procedure, the color combination I used and more. Click here << to get that information.

IMG_1982IMG_1987The pictures of the 2013 Harley fairing above are with red candy shot over the artwork and no clearcoat on them. I do have some blender mixed with the red candy (inner coat clear), but not top coat clear in these 2 pictures.


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