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2022 Airbrush Class Schedule will be listed below when it’s available…

How To Airbrush Step By Step Videos


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If you are interested in taking our Airbrush Classes, then feel free to call me for more information. I give private Airbrush Classes periodically throughout the summer…by appointments, but the (group classes are ONLY during late fall and winter months). My spring and summer work and farm schedule is to busy to do it any other way.

What All Does Airbrushing In Kansas City Do?

We can do it all, and more importantly you will be able to afford us. This is NOT the all hyped up shop that thinks they have to make a huge profit on every single job. We believe in doing to others as we want them to do to us. To us, we would rather make a little on a lot instead of a lot off a little. Here at Mike Pilcher Customs we will turn your dreams into reality. Custom Painting and Custom Airbrushing is our specialty!

Below are pictures of a red candy paint job that also has glowable gold flakes added to the clear coat. This is just some of what I teach “how to do” in my Airbrush Classes…

Airbrush Classes Red Candy Paint Job Red Candy Paint Job Red Candy Paint Job

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Here are some of the things as Custom Airbrush Artist that we specialize in:

  • True Fire (realistic flames)
  • Traditional Flames
  • Candy Paint Jobs
  • Murals
  • Marbleizing
  • Water Drops
  • Ghosting
  • Paint Fading
  • Snake Skin Effects
  • Ripped Open Effects
  • Wood Grain Paint
  • Chrome Look
  • All Kinds Of Airbrushing & Custom Painting

Airbrushing In Kansas City

This is the place to bring all of your custom paint, and airbrushing jobs. We have the experience, and the knowledge to give you exactly what you have been dreaming about.

Below is this months featured Harley Davidson Tri Glide. This was a plain black paint job and then we completely started over with new base-coat paint and added artwork to that before giving it a final of 5 coats of PPG clear-coat for the ultimate finish, protection, and shine.

You can Click on the picture below for it to blow up larger. You can also Click Here << for more pictures of each panel of the Harley with more angles and details.

Airbrush Classes

Below you will see the “Slugger Sign” that I just finished 06-30-17 for the Kansas City Royals. This was a fun project much different than what we usually do.

Kansas City Royals Slugger Sign

Make sure you check out the other pages on this website, like the “Motorcycles” page, as well as the page marked “Blog” for other step by step projects, videos, etc.

Thanks for visiting my website!

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