Airbrush Classes Are Underway – How To Airbrush

Our Airbrush Classes are underway and the skulls are taking shape.

And no, we are not just doing skulls. Lol 😂

Airbrush Classes Are Underway

Check out some of the pictures below…

airbrush classes are underway

Airbrushing skulls really is a lot of fun and one of the easiest things to perfect. In these beginner (basics) classes we are working on skulls, realistic fire, some basic exercises that helps perfect airbrush control, wood grain techniques and more…

Now that these Airbrush Classes Are Underway, I would like to give a few dates and times updates on next weeks classes.

Airbrush Class Schedule for the week of 11-27-17 listed below:

Beginners (basics) Classes

  • Monday 11-27-17 12:00 noon – 4:00pm
  • Tuesday 11-28-17 12:00 noon – 4:00pm
  • Wednesday 11-29-17 12:00 noon – 4:00pm
  • Thursday 11-30-17 12:00 noon – 4:00pm

Advanced Classes

  • Wednesday 11-29-17 4:30-8:30pm ? Pending – Revised 11-22-17 @ 8:00pm
  • Thursday 11-30-17 4:30-8:30pm ? Pending – Revised 11-22-17 @ 8:00pm
  • Saturday 12-02-17 12:00 Noon – 4:00pm
  • Saturday 12-09-17 12:00 Noon – 4:00pm

**See “Home Page” of this website for more details…

The Airbrush Class Schedule above could very well be the last ones available this year, so if you have interest, then call, text, or email me ASAP so that I can get you on the Class Schedule.

There Is Still Time To Get In

Airbrush Classes Are Underway and we would love to have you come join us in these classes. Keep in touch with us easier by subscribing to our free newsletter. This newsletter will keep you informed on schedules like this one, other important updates, and the best thing is; you will be one of the FIRST to know by subscribing to our free newsletter…

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Talk soon,

Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher

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