Kansas City Royals Slugger Sign

This week was a week of working on the slugger sign for the Kansas City Royals.

This was a much different project than normal, but also very fun and different for a change.

The Kansas City Royals gave me a call a few weeks ago about doing this sign pictured below. I drove over to the Royals stadium and took a look at the “Slugger” sign and gave a bid on this project. After giving the bid of cost, I hadn’t even got back home yet before they called me to do the job.

Due to games we planned the repainting of the sign around the home games so it wouldn’t be down while home games were going on. I picked the sign up on Monday morning and returned it today at noon so they could reinstall it for tonight’s game.

Kansas City Royals Slugger Sign

The slugger sign you are about to see below was fun to do and rewarding at the same time.

Check out the pictures below of the Kansas City Royals Slugger Sign. The picture below is before I started the repainting. As you can see it is very worn and faded out.

Kansas City RoyalsBelow you will see the new repainted version of Slugger. He is now all spiffed up and looking incredible.

Kansas City RoyalsFeel free to leave comments below and let me know what you think of Slugger.

Always do your best,

Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher - Pin Oaks Farm

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