Patriotic Eagle Mural On 2015 Harley Davidson Free Wheeler…)

This patriotic eagle mural I’m sharing in this blog post is a cool looking piece as you will see below…

I wanted to share from the beginning to the end pictures of this 2015 Harley Davidson Fairing I just finished today and returned to Nita…the proud owner. This Harley is a Free Wheeler and a real beauty.

Patriotic Eagle Mural Pictures and Steps

patriotic eagle muralpatriotic eagle muralpatriotic eagle muralpatriotic eagle muralAs shown above I started with a new primed fairing. I then wet sanded that with 400 grit wet or dry sand paper and shot 3 coats of black primer on it. From here I wet sanded that down to a very smooth finish and primed again with 2 coats of the same black primer.

This time I wet sanded with 600 grit and shot the Superior Blue base coat on the fairing and clear-coated. I shot 4 coats of the superior blue base color and applied 2 coats of clear-coat over that…

Then after this dried for 24 hours I came back and wet sanded again front and rear using 600 grit again. Now it was time to start the art work shown below. I used frisket paper to layout the design using a light lead pencil.

patriotic eagle muralAs you can see in the picture above I printed off a picture the customer gave me of what she wanted and taped it to the left side of the fairing for my sketching reference.

After sketching everything out and getting it the way I wanted, I started cutting out the design using my handy dandy exacto knife with new razor sharp blades.

patriotic eagle mural

Using Sharp Exacto Blades

Make sure when using an exacto knife that you keep new sharp blades in for easy cutting and not having to force or push hard which will cause scoring in the paint and makes it very difficult to cover up…if you even can.

Below you will see photos of the next steps of different colors applied as I moved along.

patriotic eagle muralpatriotic eagle muralpatriotic eagle muralpatriotic eagle muralpatriotic eagle muralSave the pieces of transfer paper (frisket paper) you cut out for using later on to cover up what you’ve already done to protect it while doing other pieces of your project.

Time Consuming Is Always A Great Paycheck

This is time consuming but not hard like you may think. If it’s time consuming, then that will lead to a great paycheck. Get it roughed in and then as you near the end you can start going back and doing your fine detail work. If you make some mistakes, don’t get upset over it, because you can always fix those mistakes.

The last steps of this patriotic eagle mural below and then is the finished product…

patriotic eagle muralpatriotic eagle muralAbove 2 photos are when finished with art work then wet sanded again and clear-coated one last time.

The last steps were to go back and wet sand after the clear dried for 25 hours using 600 grit. Then I applied 3 more coats of clear-coat for the last time.

patriotic eagle muralThe patriotic eagle mural picture above is the finished product. Even though it didn’t need it, I used 2000 grit and lots of warm water with dawn dish soap mixed in it and wet sanded lightly staying away from all edges and curves. Then I used a wool pad and smooth cream buffing compound and buffed it 3 times.

Last thing was to switch to a black foam waffle pad and I used 3M black swirl remover and polished 2 times. From here I used a soft towel and wiped down with new finish auto polish.

Paint and Spray Gun I Used:

You may be wondering what kind of paint I used on this patriotic eagle mural project and what spray gun was used?

As always, I use PPG base coat clear-coat systems and also House of Kolors base coat system, pearls and candy concentrates. This project was all PPG paint and clear-coat. I used the W-400 Iwata spray gun for the base-coating and the clear-coating task.  All of the primer/sealer was shot using a Iwata primer gun.

Airbrushing was done with my favorite Iwata HP-CS Eclipse Airbrush. Now all of my secrets are out of the bag…lol.

Now you have the step by step process to this patriotic eagle mural.

Always do your best,

Mike Pilcher

Patriotic Eagle Mural - Mike Pilcher


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