Airbrushing Videos Ready To View…

Airbrushing Videos are LIVE!

 I am back in the airbrushing mode now that all of the hot weather and super high humidity here in Missouri is gone for this season.

I am currently working on a Harley Davidson trike and a Trick Ski. I am video taping each step and phase of these projects and uploading them to my airbrushing videos training website. This website is designed to help the beginners up to the advanced airbrushers.

Go to and set up your free account if you don’t already have one so that you can access these airbrushing videos and tons of other videos too. There is also materials list and paint codes of what I use for real fire and other projects.

You can also upgrade to a one time small limited fee and gain full access for life. This one time price will be going up the first of the new year 2016!

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Talk soon,

-Mike Pilcher



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