How to airbrush a checkerboard design on a helmet (step by step videos)…

In these videos I am sharing how to do the layout of a checkerboard design on a race helmet and then airbrush it. I am also sharing how to layout the old school flames and bring them out over the checkerboard helmet design and airbrush them with real fire inside of them.

This video series is step by step and from start to finish. From the layout to the finish pen striping.

Click here to get this complete video series as well as any other airbrush project that you would ever want to learn to do. These videos are all step by step videos of exactly “how to” do each step, why, and what materials, paint codes, etc to use.

Our airbrush tutorial video suite offers you to learn at the beginners level clear up to advanced levels. We will give you the complete color combinations of real fire along with step by step tutorial videos as well as videos that even show you how to take your airbrush apart and clean it properly. This video suite continues to grow with more videos being added on a weekly/monthly basis.

Go here now to get a free membership to this limited time only “how to airbrush” tutorial video suite. Once you are on the website, then you can click the tab at the top that says “Membership Signup” to get a free membership, and then have access to videos and other sections of the website as well.

Make it a great day,

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