Quick tips for keeping your airbrush working properly…


Here are just a few quick tips for keeping your airbrush working properly.

  1. Before using your airbrush, it is always a good idea to have some needle lube, or a drop of sewing machine oil for the needle where it slides in and out of the o-ring area of the lower part of the airbrush. This will help keep the o-rings soft and in good condition.
  2. After using your airbrush you always want to take your airbrush apart and clean it good with a lacquer thinner, or a reducer. If you are using water based paints, then you will use water to clean the airbrush.
  3. Be very careful with the needle as it is very fragile and can be bent very easy. Once the needle is bent, then it is time to replace it with a new one.
  4. The nozzle of your airbrush is a hard place to clean, however if you clean the airbrush regularly, and what I mean is every single time you use it. If you are using your airbrush on all day projects, then take it apart numerous times and clean it. People that take care of their stuff will always have a brand new looking airbrush, and the dirty worn out looking airbrushes are always in the hands of lazy people.
  5. If your airbrush spits, or sprays paint when it is in the just air mode, then you have something on the needle, or in the nozzle, like paint, or a build up.
  6. Invest in a airbrush cleaning kit. This will have the proper size brushes and cleaning tools needed for keeping your airbrush spotless.

You can get parts for most airbrushes at Hobby Lobby, like needles, nozzles, cleaning kits, as well as stencils, art tool templates, etc.


Below you will see a breakdown of the Iwata airbrush as well as the parts description list. Most airbrushes have very similar breakdowns as the Iwata does. This breakdown and parts list should help you a great deal.


My airbrushes always look like the day that I bought them new. You cannot tell that they have been used. Yours should look the same way too. Take care of your stuff and you will never have to worry about replacing them. 🙂

Just remember this: A clean airbrush is an airbrush that will last you a lifetime and always deliver the best results for you and your airbrushing projects.

If you have questions or comments, then leave those in the comment section below. I always answer comments and questions! 🙂

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