Finished Product – How To Airbrush A Wood Dresser Using Automotive Paint (video tutorials)… lifetime access…

Here is the finished product of the wood dresser with automotive paint and diamond tread plate airbrushing done to it. Below here are photos for you to check out. I have shared all of the steps with you on this project in detail, through video, “step by step”. The video above is a walk around of the finished product.

If for some reason you haven’t seen all of the videos and all of the steps from start to finish, then you can go to my “Airbrushing Videos” training site where you can get a free membership and have complete access to these videos and so many more. This website is designed to show you how to airbrush anything and everything no matter what your level of airbrushing may be.

I have a beginners section clear up to very advanced airbrushing. These videos are very step by step and detailed. Oh by the way, you won’t be able to get these videos from another source due to the fact I have my own private video software that I use. In the beginners section I have used some you tube videos, but in the Lifetime “Advanced” section I am protecting my paid members and using private software to allow only them to get these advanced and secret technique videos.

No where on this planet can you get such detailed, step by step training videos that show you how to airbrush no matter what level you are at. Some claim to have them, but the ones that might have are very high to purchase, and you are very limited to what you actually get. I have already been down that avenue. My videos are in great detail showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, why to do it, the exact colors, paint codes, brands of paints, and airbrush equipment that I am using.

In 2004 I was accepted to go to Utah and train at the Iwata training facility with Craig Frazier and 9 other top airbrush artist. I have learned from the best and have so many different techniques, strategies, and little tricks to share that you cannot get anywhere else.

Do yourself a favor and get your free membership to the Airbrushing Videos and training website below. Then, do yourself one more favor after you check out the website and watch some of the videos, and that is to click on the “Full Access” tab at the top of your page once you have logged into your own backoffice, then click the PayPal button at the bottom of the page and get your one time ridiculously low Lifetime access. Yes, one time payment of $49.95 and you will have unlimited access to the entire website, all videos, tools, trainings, materials, and so much more for life. As I continue to add new videos all the time, new techniques, new materials and more, then you will already have full access to them. To get these videos, you have to log into your “backoffice” of your own training website to view the videos, get the paint codes, colors, brands, airbrush giveaways, and other materials. This is a way that your own personal settings, and videos are always protected and available when you want them.

One last thing my friend. MAKE SURE that you go to the right hand side of this page and enter your best email (one that you check often) in the subscriber/newsletter form so that you will be alerted when I add new videos, do special trainings for my members, etc. Otherwise, you will be left in the dark and never know when I add new videos, etc. Make sense?

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