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Airbrushing In Kansas City is a shop that does it all. I have been in the Collision and Custom Paint Industry for over 25 years now, and over the last 15 years have taken my Airbrushing talents to a whole new level after training with 10 of the very top Airbrush Artist in the World.

I have trained with Craig Frazier, Bob Soroka, Ryan “Ryno” Templeton, and many more. Craig Frazier held a special program at the Iwata Training facility in Salt Lake City Utah and I was personally invited to attend and train with the top 10 painters for 3 full days. Airbrushing has always been a passion of mine, and now it is my favorite thing to do. I can meet all of your Airbrushing needs, and I specialize in the Real Fire (realistic flames).

Airbrushing In Kansas City is one of the Top Airbrush Shops around the Midwest.

We do all kinds of Airbrushing, Custom Painting, and also offer Airbrush Classes. Visit all of the pages on this website to see what we offer, and be sure and get your name on the list for a free DVD once our Airbrushing DVD has launched.

Below is a car I done for myself that had been a former drag car and was totaled out after flipping end over end at the end of the track after the brakes had failed. I put the car on my frame machine, then started cutting and re-welding new panels in and bring it back from the car grave yard. I took this car to the top of the World Record books in the next few years after this rebuild.

Home Of The 10 Time IHRA World Record Holder

We are continuing to update this website as we have lost many of the files we previously had here, so please continue to keep checking back with us and this website.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. Make sure and check out this entire website and of course the about us page for my video.

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Call me for questions and more information.

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