Kansas City Royals Slugger Sign

Kansas City Royals

This week was a week of working on the slugger sign for the Kansas City Royals. This was a much different project than normal, but also very fun and different for a change. The Kansas City Royals gave me a call a few weeks ago about doing this sign pictured … Continue reading

Patriotic Eagle Mural On 2015 Harley Davidson Free Wheeler…)

This patriotic eagle mural I’m sharing in this blog post is a cool looking piece as you will see below… I wanted to share from the beginning to the end pictures of this 2015 Harley Davidson Fairing I just finished today and returned to Nita…the proud owner. This Harley is … Continue reading

Crazy skulls done this week in Airbrush Classes…

Here is just some of the crazy things we done this week in the month of February Airbrush Classes. These are simple things done on poster board in the beginners classes. These cray skulls are fun and easier than they might look. This was literally less than 30 minutes of … Continue reading

Wild West Soda In Oklahoma…

Wild West Soda In Oklahoma for the first time this year. Below you will see the finished product of the “Wild West Soda In Oklahoma” being unveiled in Oklahoma this starting today (April 08 2016) and this weekend. The NEW Wild West Soda wagon will be all over the states … Continue reading

Soda Wagon Sign – Wild West Soda

Here is a sign I painted for my daughter and son in laws “Wild West Soda” wagon. This sign may look like wood, but in fact is all painted to resemble real wood.    More pictures of this rig from the first show in Oklahoma this weekend. . .

FREE eBook – How To Airbrush Real Fire…step by step

Airbrush Class Schedule

FREE eBook – How To Airbrush Real Fire…step by step In this free eBook you are going to learn how to airbrush real fire step by step. You are also going to get the EXACT paint formula, colors, and the orders these colors are used. I also have step by … Continue reading

How To Airbrush Real Fire

Airbrush Class Schedule

How To Airbrush Real Fire is something that many people are wanting to figure out how to do. I have put together a complete video library of How To Airbrush Real Fire and many other techniques as well. This complete video library can be accessed here or below this post. … Continue reading

2013 Harley Davidson Front Fairing Without Clearcoat…

The picture below is a front fairing for a 2013 Harley Davidson without clearcoat. After this more candy was added to push it back, then cleared. More photos of this finished are on the page marked “Motorcycles“. – See more at: http://airbrushinginkansascity.com/#sthash.6gtlSOUs.dpuf