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ATTENTION: We have moved onto our New property and I have moved into my new shop but still don’t have everything completely ready for Airbrush Classes and a large number of people, however I am offering Airbrush classes to a LIMITED number of people right now until I can get my shop completely finished. My list is so large for people wanting Airbrush Classes that I need to start working in some here and there.

If you are interested in taking Airbrush Classes right away (February 2017), then follow the instructions below and you can also call me right away and tell me that you seen this Notice on my website. These classes will be $200 per person for 2 days at 4 hours each day (for a total of 8 hours). Anyone that takes these classes will also receive a free lifetime membership to my online training system. This system is packed full of step by step tutorial videos from the very basics to very advanced, and as mentioned, they are step by step for anyone to be able to follow and duplicate.

The Advanced Airbrushing Classes are $450.00 per person. **If you have already taken the beginners Airbrush Class, then you will get a $100.00 discount for the Advanced Classes. We will furnish the Airbrushes to use along with all supply’s. These classes we will be using metal panels and doing what is listed below. You will be able to take these panels home with you.

Anyone that attends these Airbrush Classes will receive a free Lifetime pass to my Airbrush training membership website << where I continue to post new videos of projects that I do. These projects are video taped with step by step “how to” do what it is that I am doing in each project. Others have to pay for this and students will receive this for absolutely no charge starting in 2017. See Complete Airbrush Class Schedule here <<.

I have decided to offer 1 on 1 classes for a very short period of time, as well as class setting with multiple students. I have had so many request to do this but not sure if I can even keep up with it, so this could be very short lived. If you are wanting 1 on 1 Airbrush Classes, then make sure you get on my subscriber list right now and then you get a message from me saying thank you and welcome. Once you get this message, hit “reply” and email me back and let me know that you want this 1 on 1 class. I will add you to that list so that you can get in.

Airbrush Classes Registration To Do List: (What you need to do right now)

  1. Go to the right side of this page under our picture and enter your name and email (a good email address that you use) and this places you on our newsletter list where we send information to about upcoming classes, dates, times, etc.
  2. Next, you need to hit “REPLY” to the first letter you get and simply let me know who you are and that you want to take the classes. Then I will add you to my calendar for upcoming classes.
  3. I WILL NOT spam you and you will have full access to me and my correct phone number as well as email, so do the same for me so that we can communicate as needed for scheduling purposes.
  4. When classes are scheduled, make sure you are coming as scheduled. If for some reason you can’t make it, please give me plenty of notice so that I can fill your spot with someone else that is on this long waiting list.
  5. Last is simple. Keep an eye on your email for airbrush class dates as I set them. Once you receive the class dates, please hit “REPLY” again and let me know which dates and times are best for you. Pretty simple…right? 🙂

In these Airbrushing Classes we will start with the basics so that you can learn from the beginning, and step by step (at your own pace). Then we will start doing projects like, real fire, marbleizing, cracked stone, water drops effect, wood grain effects, chrome effects, shading, highlighting, wavy flags, skulls, traditional flames, and much more. I will also find out what it is that you want to learn the most and focus on that with you. I FURNISH EVERYTHING! If you have an airbrush you can bring it if you want.

airbrush classes

Airbrushing Class Schedule Through February ONLY:

  • Monday through Thursday 1pm to 5pm CST… through the month of February ONLY!

This will be the ONLY Airbrush Classes given this year due to our busy schedules! See the entire schedule and prices on the next page, or click here <<.

What All Does Airbrushing In Kansas City Do?

We can do it all, and more importantly you will be able to afford us. We ARE NOT the all hyped up shop that thinks they have to make a huge profit on every single job. We believe in doing to others as we want them to do to us. We look at it like this, we would rather make a little on a lot instead of a lot off a little. Here at Mike Pilcher Customs we will turn your dreams into reality. Custom Painting and Custom Airbrushing is our specialty!

I have been a Airbrush Artist, and Custom Painter in a small town for over 20 years, then my wife and I moved to the Kansas City area in 2009. Our address is actually Trimble MO. now, which is North of Smithville MO on 169 Highway. We are North of Trimble 3 miles and then back to the West 1 mile on Hulse Rd.

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Here are some of the things as Custom Airbrush Artist that we specialize in:

  • True Fire (realistic flames)
  • Traditional Flames
  • Murals
  • Marbleizing
  • Water Drops
  • Ghosting
  • Paint Fading
  • Snake Skin Effects
  • Ripped Open Effects
  • Wood Grain Paint
  • All Kinds Of Custom Painting

Airbrushing In Kansas City is the place to bring all of your custom paint, and airbrushing jobs. We have the experience, and the knowledge to give you exactly what you have been dreaming about.

Below is this months featured Harley Davidson Tri Glide. This was a plain black paint job and then we completely started over with new base-coat paint and added artwork to that before giving it a final of 5 coats of PPG clear-coat for the ultimate finish, protection, and shine.

You can Click on the picture below for it to blow up larger. You can also Click Here << for more pictures of each panel of the Harley with more angles and details.

Airbrush Classes

Make sure you check out the other pages on this website, like the “Motorcycles” page, as well as the page marked “Blog” for other step by step projects, videos, etc.

Thanks for visiting my website!

Mike Pilcher



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